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Internxt is excitement, ambition, innovation. Internxt is made by all of us, so welcome to one of the most exciting projects you’ll ever be part of. X Cloud, Internxt's first service, is a distributed, highly secure, private and beautiful cloud storage service that strives to compete with services such as Dropbox, pCloud and Amazon S3.
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Thanks to decentralization and zero-knowledge encryption, we are creating an ecosystem where you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud services such as Dropbox or Amazon S3, with the security and privacy you deserve. With X Cloud, files are client-side encrypted, fragmented and replicated in different machines all over the globe. Thanks to our unique architecture, we can provide unique levels of privacy, security and efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. Make the switch to our innovative cloud storage service. X Cloud can be accessed via its web, desktop or mobile app, as well as via API.

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