The InkSearch Platform is here to offer a booking system for tattoo artists, studios and clients. Thus, users can book and pay via a website for the desired tattoo session. Additionally, the InkSearch booking system informs users about available slots, the price of the session, general information about the artist, their location, and provides a review system for users to rate studios or artists with useful information for other tattoo lovers.
Problem —- Solution —- System —- Pricing

There is no booking system for tattoo sessions. Thus, potential clients have to contact studios or artists months in advance, and are often left without an answer. They waste time due to the fact that studio owners and artists don’t have much time to reply. Also, tattooers refuse to take a booking without receiving a deposit.
Introducing an online booking system with integrated payment gateway for booking and taking deposits online.

professional artists.

By providing a complex solution for artists and their clients we aim to be:

-> Place where clients search for tattoos, get inspired, read reviews, pick artists, book a session and pay a deposit.
-> Place where artists get promoted & rated, have their own website with statistics panel, find clients and even a new job, optimize their time and cash flow.
-> Place where studios create marketing campaigns, reach more people, advertise jobs, expand their offer to a global perspective, and cut down the booking process time.
InkSeach is simple, all you need to do is go to the website, create your profile, book an appointment, pay and relax. Your artist will be waiting for you, and you can contact them at a convenient time to discuss the details. InkSearch offers a wide range of tattoo styles and access to various artists around the world. You can decide where and when you want to have your tattoo done or simply send your request to an artist to ask for the closest available time slot in their schedule.
A tattoo waiting list is on average 3-4 months long, and in the case of the best artists, the waiting time can take more than a year. Clients who are decided about their choice of tattoo and artist may find it nearly impossible to get in touch with the studio or an individual tattooer. One needs to call them when they have their “open booking time” which is crowded, as many people call, send emails and Instagram and Facebook messages at the same time. That forces clients to wait for months for proper timing. That is the big part of the reason why so many people give up on having a tattoo.

How does it work?
The system is really simple and can be summed up into 3 steps.

Find Idea
Find it among our suggestions or browse by style or name. Find out even more: see reviews and likes from users like you, read artist’s bio, check their free slots.

Book & Pay
Paying the deposit is simple via our payment system powered up by Paypal and PayU. Once your chosen artist accepts your request, the information about booking is entered to the system and the price is converted to your currency of choice. You can finalize your booking.

Worrying about your session stops here. You can now talk with the artist and discuss your dreamed tattoo in details.
The process is intuitive and easy to follow, everything else is the same, you don’t need to fill any additional forms in studios. Thanks to InkSearch you can book an appointment whenever you like.

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