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The academic publishing world is outdated, bureaucratic, slow and unfair. Academics spend years writing academic papers, reviewers and editors spend days reviewing, but once an article is published, none of those involved receives a financial reward. Copyright must be transferred while the publisher offers the paper for sale. Although there is open access today, universities have to pay large sums to the publishers to make this possible, while universities have already spent a lot of money to make the research and the article possible in the first place.

In addition, the scientific method (in particular the process of blind peer reviews) is slow, bureaucratic, not traceable and is filled with nepotism. Finally, outdated citation software makes it impossible for academics to collaborate efficiently. It is time for a change.

With Imagjn we have solutions for the above problems:
1. An improved and accelerated publication and blind peer review process, from 6-9 months to weeks, resulting in more published papers for universities,
2. Easily collaborate on academic papers through an integrated cloud-based citation/editing package;
3. Migrating from a Journal Impact Factor to an Individual Impact Factor (IIF), where control and ownership lie with the academics and universities and not with the publishers. An IIF makes valorisation easier for universities,
4. Research that has been done with public money must be publicly available. Imagjn makes academic research publicly available and universities will eventually save millions per year on commercial academic licenses,
5. Direct (financial) remuneration of all those involved in writing academic papers.

The business model consists of a monthly fee to be paid for by universities. There are over 11.000 universities around the world who would pay between 1500-3500 euro per month (depending on the number of students and staff).
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