iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber

iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber
iLoF is enabling a new era of personalized, precision medicine, by providing screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast,portable way. To start, we are focusing our technology on the epidemic of our century: Alzheimer’s disease.

We are an inexpensive, noninvasive way of stratifying patients for Alzheimer’s clinical trials, which are crucial to enable a treatment for the disease.

We identify gold-standard proteins that are critical for the development of effective treatments. Using a patented, portable, inexpensive photonics and AI system.

After more than +400 major trials failed, Alzheimer’s trials need help. 90% of initial enrolled patients leave trials due to invasive, inconvenient screening.

We save 40% of the total costs for screening and 70% of the time spent screening for clinical trials of Alzheimer’s. By using a non-invasive test, we transform the patient experience and make trials convenient and patient-centric
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