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Business Description
Making locations searchable by travel time means a lot more than just calculating routes from A to B (though we do that too!). We enable thousands of locations on any website or database to be searched by the users’ choice of travel time and transport mode. We’re here when you or your customers need to know A to thousands of Bs – instantly.
For Example:
- Locating the pharmacy you can reach before it shuts, using public transport
- Discovering all hotels within 15 minutes of the airport
- Finding a new office location with the shortest commute for all employees
- Identifying which postcodes are most relevant to direct marketing and local advertising campaigns
Long Business Description

iGeolise are the creators of the TravelTime platform, an API that makes it possible to search locations using travel time. Users ask ‘where can I reach in 30 minutes’ rather than a 5 miles radius, creating unique searches depending on transport preferences, local congestion and infrastructure networks.

It can be integrated into a website’s business search functionality, used to analyse large volumes of information in a database or export location data within a travel time area.

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TravelTech, Trips Organizational Tool, Integration Platform
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