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Business Description
"iCommuntiy Blockchain Solutions" (iBS) is a Blockchain services platform (Blockchain-as-a-Service, BaaS), that provide the necessary tools for any company to implement Blockchain rapidly in its business

iBS provides an ecosystem of blockchain services and tools (turnkey) designed to meet the needs of businesses, simplifying and saving costs in implementation. It provides a rapid, low-cost and low-risk way for businesses to adopt the technology, through different ‘use cases’ tailored to each client. It works in a similar way to an SaaS but with blockchain services.
Long Business Description

There is a gap between Blockchain technology and its practical application in the business world in general, because it have to many barriers (costs, technical difficulty, unknowledge). By other hand, SMEs haven't the We were attracted by the idea of doing something disturbing and innovative, since it allows any company to undertake actions oriented towards digital transformation through blockchain technology in a fast, simple and low cost way.

Our mission is fill the gap between technology and its business applications, simplifying the interaction with Blockchain by delivering applications across different industries. By means of our platform "iCommunity Blockchain Solutions" (iBS) we provide all the resources needed for these applications. A platform designed to cover the existing gap between business organizations and Blockchain technology, thus offering said technology as a service through "use cases" (vertical) available for immediate use in "turnkey" mode.

iCommunity is designed to meet the needs of companies and organizations wishing to access the benefits of such technology, without the inherent costs and efforts that any organization entails. own blockchain infrastructure. At the same time, it offers anyone (users) the possibility to participate easily, safely and transparently in high-value and innovative projects.

Our philosophy is "to make blockchain technology accessible and easy for everyone", democratizing its use and decentralizing business models that have traditionally been centralized. We bring Blockchain technology to businesses and people in a simple way.

iBS delivers Blockchain applications for the complete corporate structure with ease of access and scalability, and offers technology firms (integrators, consultants) the opportunity to aggregate blockchain products to their portfolio.

Based in
Madrid, Spain
Blockchain, SaaS, Platform
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