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With our handy cancellation procedure you can quickly and easily find out how subscriptions, memberships and accounts and newsletters can be terminated and canceled for more and more companies, for example when moving, emigrating or after death.
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i-Finish.nl is your partner for making equipment accessible, securing precious data and canceling subscriptions, memberships and accounts. Prevent identity fraud and reduce the digital footprint.
Cancel within minutes? Canceling in 3 steps with i-Finish
mijn.i-finish.nl is the online tool that helps you cancel subscriptions, memberships, contracts, donations and direct debits. We would like to help you to have better experiences with canceling a subscription or contract and terminating digital accounts without any problems.
It's not worth wasting time looking for the right address details. Find out how to give notice of termination and how to prepare a notice of termination letter?

Use our cancellation service to cancel all your subscriptions and memberships immediately WITHOUT a cancellation letter.

i-Finish cancellation service understands how difficult it is for, for example, relatives to settle a digital estate in a difficult time. We are happy to take this worry off your hands. i-Finish helps to cancel online and offline subscriptions, memberships, accounts, profiles, loyalty cards, donations and newsletters in a safe way so that you have as little to worry about.

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