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HYGEN brings to the market home and office superchargers for g-mobility that can fuel your gas powered vehicle in just a few minutes. Connected to the regular gas grid, HYGEN's fast refueling systems transform it into a distributed fueling network enabling gas companies to deliver clean and inexpensive (bio-) fuel to your doorsteps at a competitive price.
HYGEN's superchargers can fuel Gas Powered Vehicles anywhere in just a few minutes.
Hygen SIA introduces a "HYGEN Plus", an on-site refuelling appliance for natural gas vehicles. On-site refuelling with HYGEN Plus will “level playing field” for environ mentally friendly NGVs, in what is already common practice for households and businesses with electric vehicles. It will enable a future alternative fuel transport mode to flourish, where growth has been depressed due to a bottleneck in the number of public gas refuelling stations. Unlike large centralised public stations that require millions of euros to build, HYGEN+ is a cost-effective decentralised system, dedicated to the owner of the NGV. By offering convenient refuelling for the motorist, HYGEN Plus removes the bottleneck of a limited centralised refuelling network of stations.
We are the only company to base its refuelling system on liquid piston technology, a world’s first for CNG refuelling. The innovative nature of "HYGEN Plus" gives our solution a significant edge over the competition and provides the following unrivalled user benefits to NGV owners:
• Faster refuelling (7 mins – standard 80L tank) than competition and more convenient/practical than visiting public CNG filling station.
• 35% fuel cost savings when using HYGEN Plus CNG versus diesel, 25% better than nearest competitor.
• No upfront investment for end user (our business model allows gas companies to own, install and maintain HYGEN Plus), the user only pays for the fuel.
• Low electrical consumption (0.45kWh/GLE ) and noise levels (65dB).
• Allows end-user companies to “Green” their fleet of vehicles, moving to g-Mobility without compromising on cost and vehicle range.
HYGEN Plus also enables our customers, the gas companies, to offer their customers’ CNG at a competitive price compared to diesel/petrol and the unique customer experience of fast at the office/home refuelling. Our range of unique customer benefits are summarised overleaf.
• Viable means to increase biomethane and syngas sales and decarbonise the grid.
• Year around volume increase (not seasonal i.e. space heating in winter period).
• Increase utilisation of existing assets for Transmission and Distribution Service Operators (T/DSOs).
• Known and predictable customer acquisition costs.
• Leading the transition from diesel to g-Mobility.
• Support decarbonisation of the gas grid and reduction in carbon footprint

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CNG, gmobility, NGV, fueling, infrastructure

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