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Business Description
We develop next generation decision technology and provide Explainable Hybrid Intelligence Solutions to public and private sectors in business intelligence, risk analysis, targeted marketing & sales, and safety & security. (Hybrid intelligence refers to a perfect amalgam of artificial and human intelligence)
Long Business Description

We believe that our hybrid intelligence-based decision support systems would revolutionize how we model, predict, and control complex systems. We provide solutions with unique algorithms and hybrid toolbox combining human and machine expertise and using interdisciplinary approaches. The backbone of our cognitive products is deep understanding of patterns and interconnectivity and mapping cognitive architecture.
Product Portfolio: Hybrid Intelligence-Based Decision Support Systems

Smart Navigator: It transforms big data into actionable business intelligence; bespoke risk analysis and predictive and prescriptive assessments. It provides:
• threat, risk and opportunity monitoring and early detection,
• deep understanding of future patterns of actors such as companies, states, non-states, leaders, international organizations etc.
• accuracy of occurrence (risk, crisis, conflict, negotiation, resolution, financial gains and losses, targeted investment etc.)
• reasoning for expected outcomes (customer trends, lowering cost-to-serve via automation, trade recommendations)
• automated alerts and smart and pre-emptive responses for crisis and business driven situation.

Smart Sonar: It transforms big data into targeted marketing & sales and provides, optimizes customer acquisition and maximizes marketing campaign. It provides,
• Deep understanding of behavioral characteristics and cognitive perspectives of clients
• Building customer profiles
• Automated alerts & early warnings for market moving events/shifts in characteristics of customers and reasoning for expected outcomes (Targeted campaigns)
• Accuracy of occurrence (trafficking, engaging, disengaging, selling…)
• Content creation, extensive key word research
• Search Engine Optimization and smart branding

Smart Predictive Policing: It transforms big data into safety &security as a part of smart cities. It provides
• Smart pre-emptive responses to emerging threats and risk hubs
• Automated alerts for early warning and reasoning for expected outcomes (counter campaigns)
• Accuracy of occurrence (Weapon and attack type, group name, geocoding, target type, vicinity, proactively patrolling time and sites…)
• Network Construction
• Behavioral pattern analyses and cognitive perspective of terrorist/radical groups and their leaders and vulnerable groups

Based in
Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Intelligence, Decision Technology, Business Intelligence
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