Huvr Trek Group

Huvr Trek Group
Business Name:
Huvr Trek Group
Business Description:
A low cost mini aerogel insulated rigid thermall airship as a superior alternative to helicopters to solve transportation problem and bring a solution to climate change problems as well.

(Huvr Trek) is a startup promoting the use of liquid nitrogen as jet
fuel and lift gas for our aerogel insulated rigid thermal airship.

Related videos to our technology:

Here is a video link on how a rocket is propelled by liquid nitrogen.

heating system of inert nitrogen gas inside the balloon
( we don’t need oxygen to heat inert nitrogen) (lenz effect)

Power extraction from heated nitrogen tank using tesla turbine (the
tank of nitrogen is exposed to ambient air and sunlight reflections to
heat up the tank. (tesla turbine)
Based in:
Barcelona Spain
climate change, energy
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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