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huapii is the employee experience platform that transforms ways of working, by putting people in the driver’s seat of their career.
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Where are you on your journey to make your organization futureproof? Are you halfway there or are you start to think about it? As huapii, we are your partner to get there. Our platform provides you with the building blocks to help you to the next step from where you are:

Talent profile : Who else knows their own skills better than your employee? Empower them to show their talents via their personal profile, create visibility on their skills and projects and gather insightful information to provide them with a personalized employee experience.
Talent Marketplace: Finding the right skills in your organization when you need it in a few clicks. With our talent marketplace everyone in the organization can look for it and find a solution.
Talent radar: Take the career development of your employee to a strategic level and create a solid succession pipeline and career opportunities by providing collective insights on your talents.
Feedback: Receive and give feedback that is accessible, relevant and actionable. Create a real feedback culture and provide every employee with a 360° perspective to grow and learn.
Smart learning: E-learnings are everywhere, but how do we avoid getting lost? Smart learnings use insights to provide every employee with personalized learning opportunities to grow.
Job matching: How to find the best person for your internal job? Job matching provides personalized overview of all the jobs that are interesting for each employee based on his profile and career expectations
Mentoring: Activate the learning potential in your organization: use the knowledge of your experienced employees to grow everyone and let them make the connection immediately.
Objectives: Forget about static objectives that are quickly out of date. Foster frequent conversations, where progress can easily be measured with the ability to pivot to create powerful objectives.
Projects: How to know all the projects that are currently running in your organization? Create visibility on future and ongoing projects and give everyone the chance to setup communities around the themes that matter for your people and your organization
Team pulse: Forget your yearly employee surveys: the team pulse is a safe space for teams to express and enables you to take the temperature of your organization in real time giving you the possibility to take appropriate corrective actions.

Based in
HRTech, Employee experience, Future of work
Total Funding
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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