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HPA – High Performance Analytics
Business Description
HPA is an innovative startup that comes from the passion and skills of a team of mathematicians, data scientists and developers with the aim of providing the market with algorithms capable of improving the performance of decision-making systems adopted by companies in every commodity sector. From January 2019, HPA is an accredited spin-off of the University of Verona.

The team's competences cover all areas of predictive analysis, with particular reference to the analysis and development of models for the prediction, over time, of complex dynamics. The techniques used, the result of the research work developed by the team members, constitute an innovative mix of statistical-inferential approaches, continuous stochastic analysis and approaches based on Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

Long Business Description

Compared to the classic off-the-shelf solutions on the market, which use mathematical models and obsolete data analysis technologies, HPA makes scientific research and custom work on customer data, the strengths with which we have succeeded in a short time to make us appreciate on the market - both operating directly with the company and through system integrators - in different sectors:

* Energy: forecasting of the production of electricity from renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind), consumption forecasting, energy trading (bidding).
* Physical security: anomaly detection on the alarm signals of thousands of offices for the identification of false positives and the correct routing of the alarm to the responsible operator.
* Manufacturing: fault detection, predictive maintenance on household appliances and numerical control equipment.
* E-commerce: pricing optimization and churn prediction for GDO and B2B players.

Based in
predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, forecasting, machine learning
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