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Business Description:
Hotelizy is an AI-based hospitality digitalization Platform. It automatizes the hotel
operations and guest requests with in-room tablets and its smart management system.
While reducing communication problems, operational expenses, it creates extra promotion
and new income channels to the hotels.
Long Business Description:

It brings some services together like:
– Personnel management (Facial Recognition and AI)
– Realtime statistics data for Hotel Management
– Reception Services
– Room Service and Minibar Services
– In-house hotel reservations (Restaurant, SPA, etc)
– City Events, City Reservations
– Transfer & Transport services

With Hotelizy, guests can reach all hospitality necessities fast and simple. For the hotel side; it coordinates and automates the hotel operations so every personnel gets their daily jobs by automation.
Outdated room service menu, reprint necessity of menu every week/month, insignificant and old-fashioned banner commercials of hotel facilities, language problems between the guest and reception, the hardness of high number personnel management, etc. bring about not working as full-capacity and a big amount of money loss for the hotel.

Hotelizy is developed to minimize all these problems and maximize hotel profit and customer satisfaction.

Based in:
hotel, traveltech, hospitality, digitalization
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No funding announced yet
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