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Business Description:
The application that can connect who wants to train and qualified trainers.
HOOPY was born from an idea of Marta and Barbara, two women and
busy moms, used to traveling a lot and who, wanting to always keep fit, they imagined and created the service that they had always sought and never had
found it.
HOOPY is the application for those who want to take care of yourself and want to optimize your own time.
Users with a simple click can book a personal training session (with a wide choice of activities) where (home, hotel, office, park …) and when they wish. , what’s this?
Active in Milan, the service is available to everyone the hotels and luxury apartments they want to offer quality service. HOOPY stands for quality thanks to certified preparation of its trainers and personally tested and approved by our sports team.
Why choose HOOPY?
To offer an excellent concierge service. Because the service is completely free for the hotel. To encourage your guests to spend more time in your facility. To optimize indoor gym spaces without taking on a trainer or his research because the customer will take care of it through HOOPY. Because we can organize regular events that give visibility to the hotel and bring new customers.
Come offrire HOOPY?
You can offer your guests to use HOOPY by leaving the special cards in the room with the offer reserved for them.
Based in:
Fitness on demand-per, onal trainer on demand, pilates, yoga, healthy life.
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