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Business Description
Hibernium is a service designed to monitor the temperature of thermosensitive products using three technologies:
2) Smart Contract
3) Blockchain
Long Business Description

Biotechnology research uses many products very sensitive to rises in temperature.
Professionals who use these valuable and expensive products know that their quality, effectiveness and safety depend on the temperature conditions.
To date, almost 20% of shipments do not meet the minimum parameters to guarantee product quality and during the whole shipment, there is a black hole of information. The customer must trust that there has been no alteration of his expensive product throughout the process.

Hibernium offers a service through 3 of the most innovative technologies: IoT, Smart Contracts and blockchain.
IoT sensor records the parameters and data that are used to compile Smart Contracts, which will be entered and maintained in the Ethereum blockchain.

Hibernium is a solution that guarantees the impossibility of altering the data by all the participants of the chain, thanks to the impartiality and transparency of the blockchain.

Based in
Rome (Italy)
#blockchain, #biotechnology, #smartcontracts, #products quality
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