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Optimize logistics with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics
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Even though the logistics sector is constantly growing and has a massive business volume, their technologies and data-analysis capabilities are far from being up-to-date.

Hedyla is a start-up focused on applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques in the logistics sector (warehousing and transport) to provide new insights that help to make better decisions and optimize operations in the day-to-day, operational level, and the strategic level.

To do that, we offer a product in the cloud, easy to use and integrate, so logistic operations need to do as less work as possible. The platform connects to their existing systems, extracts data, combines and analyses it using the latest techniques to provide with predictions, actions to optimize the operations, comparatives of warehouses, and detection of anomalies, amongst many others.

The product will provide a dashboard with the relevant information, easy to use and understand, but also will allow the customer to export all the data to perform their own analysis. Furthermore, our product will be able to connect to their existing systems not only to retrieve information, but also to make actions such as planing the operators tasks using our analysis and predictions.

Our advantage lies in the use of technologies easy to integrate without significative changes in the facilities of the customers, with a fast deployment and a minimal investment in time and money. Other solutions that obtain information from the warehouse, including movement of operations use expensive, dedicated hardware, and do not combine data from different systems.

Our goal is to improve and extend our platform to manage all the logistic processes of the companies of the sector, growing our capacity to interact with their IT systems and creating new analysis techniques that give metrics even more informative. Furthermore, in the future, the platform will not only give information, but also take decisions automatically such as assign tasks to operations, based on the analyzed data.

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big data, analytics, AI, artificial intelligence, logicstics
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