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Business Description
Healthy Heart Rate is an Android app that helps you monitor your pulse.
Check if your daily heart beat is normal and find out your best pulse for specific activities, through personal Heart Rate Zones.
With Healthy Heart Rate you can check your pulse, in beat per minute (bpm), when and where you want! This app helps you monitor your heart beats by showing them as a % of your Maximum Heart Rate, and by calculating personalized Heart Rate Zones. These zones are customised, thanks to Profile settings, in terms of sexe, age, Heart Rate at Rest and Maximum Heart Rate, according to a reliable algorithm based on the recognised Karvonen formula and Astrand method. It shows you a normal pulse for resting or for an activity like walking, hiking, trekking, footing, marathon, fat burning, etc. In short:
-> Analyse your performance!
-> Control your physical efforts!
-> Take care of your heart health in the long run!

Internet connection is not needed and your confidential data are kept safe in your phone.

Available on Play Store :
https ://play.google.com/store/apps/details ?id=fr.machada.bpm
Based in
Biot, France
Digital Health, Pulse Monitoring, Healthcare

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