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William Slator is the Founder and Managing Director of Hairguard.

Hairguard first started back in 2012, although it was originally called Hair Loss Revolution until 2019.

Will graduated from the University of Birmingham where he studied Chemical Engineering and obtained his Masters Degree (Honours). His particualr interests at the time where in biochemical engineering and novel intranasal drug delivery systems for vaccines. His Master’s thesis was on PEM fuel cell technology and catalysts.

He started Hairguard (Hair Loss Revolution) to share his research into the causes and solutions of male pattern baldness, which he had been suffering with since a teenager. He shared his research and analyses of hair loss studies through the blog, publishing over 200 articles during that time from 2012-2020.

William is based in London, United Kingdom and continues to run Hairguard in partnership with his brother, Gus Slator.
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hair, biotech, health, lifestyle
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