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Guideblocks is an interactive user assistance tool that extends web apps to provide dynamic, contextual help, user onboarding tours, in-app messages, and more.
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Create, organize and maintain online help center, with unlimited categories and hierarchically structured articles. Automate help content with Smart Screenshots – Guideblocks’ unique feature which allows you to keep in sync changes in your web app with articles in the help center. Nowadays apps are developing faster than ever before, with daily builds/deploy cycles and help content is usually left behind. Smart Screenshots will keep in sync help articles and UI changes in your app, even with annotations and images crop/resize.

Integrate and link help center articles with dynamic and contextual help integrated right inside your web application. Unobtrusively display relevant help content and allow users to search for help when needed.

Guide your users with tours and walkthroughs making new customers onboarding as easy as possible. Notify existing users with in-app notifications and messages making training and new features adoption a breeze.

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