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Gratitude is an app which works out how much of a tip you give to waiting staff, taxi drivers, bar staff and hotel staff across the world. Its clever algorithm uses your location and level of service received to accurately tip based on the country you're in and the bill amount. No need to calculate it yourself!
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We live in a fast-paced world of international travel and cultures. Do you find yourself constantly confused about how much of a tip to leave and reaching for your mobile’s calculator? What happens when you need to split the bill between a group of you here or abroad?

Gratitude is a tipping app which does all the work for you. It figures out how to split bills and calculates what to leave as a tip internationally with its inbuilt algorithm.

Tipping in some cultures across the globe is classed as inappropriate and Gratitude has the knowledge to calculate the suitable range for each country.

Whether tipping in restaurants, for drinks, taxi’s or porters, Gratitude provides the user with its exact location and does the maths for you. The app also provides the user to ask for the bill in its selected language, useful when travelling.

Feedback of your current venue can be given using the sliding scale of rating function, which gives other users useful reviews.

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