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GraphoGame is an academically researched learning app, game and methodology for teaching kindergarten and primary school children early grade literacy in English, Chinese, Dutch and many more. GraphoGame combines Finnish educational and special needs expertise with top level research in neuroscience conducted by prestigious universities around the world.
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GraphoGame is the outcome of almost 20 years of research in Finland on learning difficulties (dyslexia) associated with early childhood literacy. GraphoGame has been developed by linguists, neuropsychologists and speech pathologists as a simple, engaging and fun way to help children, including struggling readers, train their first and most fundamental skills in literacy. In Finland, the game is known as Ekapeli, and is played in all pre- and primary schools with fantastic results. Governments, foundations and research institutes have spent over 100M€ in the neuropsychological research whilst developing the game methodology. It is a highly researched game with over 300 research papers in different contexts. Following its success in Finland, GraphoGame has been contextualised in collaboration with local universities into multiple languages including English, French, Swahili, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. According to research by the University of Cambridge Centre for Centre for Neuroscience in Education which has co-developed the English version of the game, GraphoGame is as ‘effective as one-to-one teacher support in achieving basic literacy skills’.

The game allows the player gradually move from graphemes and phonemes through syllables and rhyme units, to eventually learn how to blend what they have learned into complete words.

GraphoGame adapts to the player skill levels through learning algorithms and provides actionable learning analytics for parents and teachers to facilitate intervention.

It has in-game rewards to push students to excel and be incentivised to learn.

Research shows that playing GraphGame just 15 minutes regularly, will improve a child’s letter knowledge, phonological awareness, reading speed and overall confidence in literacy.

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Literacy game, Early grade literacy, Finnish education, EdTech
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