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Business Description
Geme.io, a free urban tech, geo-location app platform that makes cities smarter by connecting stakeholders (residents, tourists, businesses, local governments, NGOs etc.) to a range of information in their near vicinity. Users create their own location markers surrounding anything (farmer's markets, bike shares, university campus events, baby playground get-togethers for young parents) and the city becomes accesible in the smartest manner possible.
Long Business Description

Geme.io main focus is on a few critical, and very interconnected areas: Traffic Congestion, Air Pollution, Parking, Rest Rooms, Social Inclusion and Citizen Participation.

A direct link is created between a connected, smart home and a smart city via our app platform and with integration to smart cities’ clouds, sensors and voice assistants we help in bridging the digital tech divide for impaired citizen groups in society.

Geme.io makes the city more functional for a range of stakeholder groups (young mothers, university students, small and large businesses, tourists) where real-time location markers communicate pertinent issues according to the specific interests of each user. Geme.io uses public (open), crowdsourced and volunteered data to provide relevant information per one's interest.

The list of what a smart location-based app such as Geme.io can do is endless.

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