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Business Description
Fulfilli is a marketplace for digital services that connects buyers and sellers of specialized digital agency services.
Long Business Description

The current process to hire a digital agency is long, uncertain, requires significant time and money investment on both sides

Today there isn’t a way to review and compare agency offers and start new projects/relationships seamlessly. Buyers rely on limited personal networks or invest in long and expensive research. Sellers drain resources to capture low-quality leads and act desperately to close deals for cash-flow.

Fulfilli is a platform that supports buyers and sellers to save time and resources in making the right choice when looking for a short term and long term partner.

For buyers:
We help businesses with online needs/ambition to quickly, transparently and safely hire a reliable digital agency by providing them with a platform to compare and review agencies and their offers, connect and buy.

For sellers:
We help digital agencies to find new clients by providing a business development platform that allows focusing their offer on the right audience at the right time.

Based in
Riga, Latvia
Agency, Digital, Marketplace

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