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We are a trading company in Hungary, operating in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is full of opportunities as it is one of the most inefficient sector in the world. We are in common business with a Brittish company to establish Controlled Environmental Agriculture. With this equipment we can grow a lot of crop, including fodder, snails, vegetables etc. in a small area.
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Frulity LLC ang GoGrow International agreed to develop mutually the agricultural sector. We have a Controlled Environmental Agriculture equipment that is installed in a shipping container. The fully automated system helps to grow various crops in full year cycle from the desert upto the hills. We can grow without chemical usage. The system is hydroponic based and the equipment is fully mobilised, it can be installed anywhere where you can supply electricity. The internal temperatures is controlled, the lights are delivered through LED, sensors supply the information to the computer that controlls the full system and manage the fans, aircondition and pumps. We have a research team in South-Africa with 4 laboratories to analyze new opportunities and define recipes for the production. Our focus groups are Start-ups, SMEs in the agricultural sector, fodder production, tree nurseries, kitchens, snail farmers, anyone.

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Agriculture, Smart, Hydroponic
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No funding announced yet
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