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FriendZone: Find Your Partner in Crime, is an application that is designed to bring like-minded people together.
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FriendZone is an application that is designed to bring like-minded people together. We all want to meet someone who shares our interests, someone with whom we can create a lasting connection. With FriendZone, you can select your own interests from a preordained list containing a variety of activities, like watching movies, playing volleyball, Anime and many more. Everyone is unique, and we aim to shine a spotlight on what makes you, You. Thus, we have a varied list of interests catered to the weird part in all of us. Our tagline is: Find your Partner in Crime.
We are also developing private networks to allow companies with many expats - or simply, many employees - to foster internal communications and relationships, ultimately building a company culture where work can even lead to friendship.
In the future app version, you will be able to ‘Make a Plan’ through the app, where you will see a list of places matched to your interests, including restaurants, theatres, sports clubs and many more. This frees you from the hassle of choosing a place and time, as FriendZone does it for you. You can just focus on having a conversation. We will also provide you with various offers at these venues.

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