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Business Description
Flow is a FinTech startup focussed on money automation.

Flow lets you automate transactions between your accounts. Based on triggers you can transfer your money automatically to the accounts you choose.

Use Flow to automate your budgetting system, to help you save more money or just to divide your salary or invoice the way you like it.
Long Business Description

We want you to be in control of your finances. We believe in the power of dividing your money into different buckets, this helps you to get an instant overview of how you stand each month. Think of a groceries bucket, a bucket for car maintenance and a bucket to set aside your taxes as a freelancer.
Buckets are fun, but refilling buckets by hand: not so much. That’s where Flow comes in. Flow lets you set up how you want to divide your money automatically, based on events like: your salary coming in.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a programmer or Excel-ninja to use Flow. The Flow app is full of interesting ready-made examples you can turn on with just one tap. Ranging from super useful (set your freelance tax aside based on an invoice) to simply motivating you to start saving (the One Cent Challenge).
Flow is currently in working with bunq, a Dutch bank that supports multiple IBAN buckets. The Flow app will be released later this year, in the mean time you can sign up for early access in our Beta test program at http://flowyour.money

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fintech, automation, banking, personal finance

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