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Business Description
Fizbo App aims to connect landlords that have a property for rent with tenants and offer them a hassle free and rewarding letting experience.

The mobile and web applications will empower landlords and tenants to seal tenancies without any middleman by giving them the simplest tools that automate and ease every step of the renting process.

While the property is let, Fizbo App will act as a personal rental assistant making sure that the rent is paid on time and that property maintenance issues are signaled and handled in the shortest time possible.

Landlords, by having in place all the tools needed to efficiently manage their lettings, will not need a letting agent anymore and therefore will reduce their costs by 7 to 15%. They will also get reports with their worst and best performing lettings helping them to adjust their portfolio accordingly.

Wherever you are, your rental friend is just a tap away on any device you have at hand be it phone, tablet or computer.
Long Business Description

Landlords are empowered to efficiently manage their lettings with a set of simple tools that take off all the hassle and lets them focus on portfolio growth:
1. Fast listing
- List your property for rent in London in under 2 minutes
2. Advertise lettings
- Get instantly discovered by your potential tenants
3. Organize viewings
- Easily schedule viewings
4. Screen tenants
- Only tenants that match your defined profile can book viewings
5. Seal tenancy
- Automatically generate and sign tenancy agreement
6. Get paid on time
- Setup and track automatic rental payments
7. Handle maintenance issues
- Get repairs notifications that you can outsource in app or DIY
8. Evaluate portfolio performance
- Get reports with your best and worst performing lettings

Tenants have now a rental companion. From finding their dream home to assisting them in having a delightful renting experience, Fizbo has covered all:
1. Powerful search
- Search in an area that you love or by travel time to your work/school
2. Advanced filtering
- Filter homes that match your lifestyle
3. Stay up-to-date
- Get instantly notified on your device about new home rentals
4. Book viewings
- Easily book a viewing for a home
5. Automatic payments
- Forget about due rent payments by setting up recurring payments
6. Quick repairs
- Get repairs done by reporting them in the app

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