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Employee Engagement platform focused around well-being and gamification with internal market-place with perks and benefits for employees.
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Employers struggle with disengaged employees - 85% of Global employees are disengaged.
Employee benefits are not tailor made - Employers don’t have data about employees needs
The level of turnover and sickleaves is growing rapidly - Turnover can cost organizations anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary.
80% of employers are going to expand their employee benefits offer by adding to it sport and wellbeing products.

Companies try to build their employee well-being and benefits strategy but:
- They need to use many tools to build it
- They need to have many different providers to keep it fresh They need to have another tool to ask people about their needs They don’t have the data about ROI for C-level teams
- They don’t have the right tool to manage all-in-one

Introducing a new way to keep employees engaged.
- 42% increase of engagement
- 52% less stressed employees
- 12% lower staff turnover
- 10-15% less sick leaves

Fitqbe is a comprehensive platform for a new generation employers used in 29 countries.
Effective tool to build an employee wellbeing culture, manage all the benefits and easily recognize and reward employees.

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engagement, employee, gamification
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