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Business Description
We are a POC-as-a-Service innovation platform that seamlessly facilitates POCs between banks and fintechs. Using the Sandpit, banks partner with Fintech cheaper, quicker, and with less headache.

Some like to think of Sandpit as a marketplace for Fintechs. Our Fintech Catalogue let's you choose to partner with some of the most innovate FinTechs in the world. Once you have selected your Fintech, you can choose your dataset, create your tests, and then conduct your POC. In this way, we are an industry platform for Fintechs to showcase their solutions.

For data security, we have partnered with synthetic and anonymization data providers. Customers can either use our own generic synthetic datasets to test products. However, customers can also create mirrors of their own data that has the same statistical properties using our deep mirroring service.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the sales cycle in banks by at least one third, which is currently 12-18 months. This will save banks time, money, and headache.
Based in
London, United Kingdom
Wholesale banking, Retail banking, Open banking
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