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B2B platform for construction stakeholders to consolidate project development data and get actionable insights.
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Estabild is a lightweight solution and easy-to-integrate platform to track and forecast construction development projects. Estabild connects on top of existing tools/processes to consolidate and streamline project development data in real-time. The solution combines mission-critical metrics such as cost, cash flows, schedule and scope of work completion all in one place. The consolidated data has the right level of detail and accuracy to satisfy a stakeholder’s needs. This data is presented in dashboards and reports (a required deliverable by the industry) can be generated automatically, versus manually drafting one every month.

In addition, all captured data will be analyzed and utilized for predictive analytics purposes. This feature will help our customer base forecast outcomes with a higher level of accuracy and confidence.

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construction, software, project management, property development
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No funding announced yet
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