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Business Description
Enterprise League is a business platform for Small & Medium Sized companies who want to grow and expand their business. Companies can find new B2B opportunities based on location, industry, sector, employee number and keywords. Businesses can publish focused tender posts searching for specific firms to work with. As an ambitious small business owner, Enterprise League gives you a shortcut to find clients and collaborators for your business, quickly and easily.
Long Business Description

To remain competitive, or even relevant, small and medium sized businesses must adapt to the way the market wants to conduct business. Today, nearly 90% of B2B buyers use the internet to research opportunities and find reliable partners to sell or buy products or services.

They use various methods to attract and find new opportunities such as SEO, advertising on social media, searching online for days. All of these methods, could work, but they are too time-consuming, and don’t guarantee the desired outcome.

There must be a better solution that offers it for free and solves the problem faster.
This is where Enterprise League comes in.

Enterprise League is a free B2B platform with one goal in mind - to give the same opportunity to small and medium businesses finding new leads and growth opportunities. Through our platform, every company with a profile will get free local and international exposure, and ease and accelerate their search process up from months and weeks to only hours and minutes.

So what does Enterprise League beta actually solve?

1) Lower the barrier of entry to a market.
There are thousands of companies operating extremely well in their market (this can be a specific location or a product), but they are afraid to expand to a different market because of the insecurities it brings.
Finding the right partners when entering the market in a new country can be incredibly challenging, and despite how good your products or services are, you will struggle if you fail to make the right partnerships.

2) Find new suppliers.
Most established companies already have partnerships with their suppliers. But things in business change and in order to grow you need to add new products or scale on the current ones. The current supplier might not always be able to meet these demands. On another hand, some companies would definitely benefit from decreasing their costs, so finding a cheaper supplier would be a viable option for them.

3) Get new leads and diversify your client base
There are a lot of ways to generate leads for companies who sell directly to end users. But the situation is slightly different between companies as it’s impossible to target a company working in a specific sector with most types of ads. Ideally companies would search for the products & services they need, and can let the other firms know what they’re looking for.

4) Share Knowledge and Collaborate with other companies who are not your competitors
A company in the UK could be going through exactly the same problems that a company in Australia in the same sector overcame just a few weeks ago. If the two companies aren’t competitors, they can both have amazing benefits from sharing experience and knowledge!

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