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Startup of serial production of Electric Utility Vehicles.
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The subject of the project is a L-category electric transport UTV (utility vehicle). The intention is to design and create it from a sketch to a physical model. It is meant to be a fully operational research, design and production base for a wide branch of similar vehicles in the future. It will have the frame structure with as most universal base as possible in order to assure usage of a different kind of equipment installed onto it and different customized functionalities depending on the purpose and scope of work environment.
The vehicle will be a combination of self and cooperatively researched and devel. solutions (possibly the best battery dimension, weight, capacity; specially designed multi functioned main controller) and commonly accessible materials and parts (as aluminum; composites) used in a unique design. Altogether it will create a product that is expected to become a parametric determinant in the market.
The project idea was generated by a group of automotive enthusiasts and professionals who found a market pull for such product and planned their common way of developing it. Together they came up with a conclusion that what competitors can currently offer (also from pricing point of view) doesn’t comply with their ambitions and knowledge.
These 8 people making an use of their experience and studies in the fields of general automotive, electrics, automation, mechanics, transport, machinery development, maintenance, project management and other are a perfect base for a newly created company – Messor. The proj. goal fulfills the industrial niche they discovered and forms an answer to the team’s ambitions.
The core team is to be supported with other dedicated professionals (as planned) of specific branches, machines and tools to develop the product. A dedicated workspace and environment will be absolutely essential to realize the project.
Business proj. objectives will revolve around the principles ensuring the sustainable grow of our operation.

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