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EFEVRETECH is revolutionizing the field of laboratory automation with our fully autonomous, GPT4-enabled AMGEL device. By addressing the everyday benchwork challenges faced by Life-Science laboratories, we empower researchers to eliminate human errors and generate more accurate data. With a vast market potential, strategic growth plans, and the ability to make a significant impact on scientific progress, EFEVRE TECH is at the forefront of innovation in laboratory automation.
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At EFEVRE TECH, we understand the challenges faced by Life-Science laboratories in achieving accurate and reliable results. Human handling inconsistencies generate a staggering 70% of false data in published research. This not only hampers scientific progress, but also wastes valuable time and resources.

Unlike competitive products that are task-specific and used infrequently, EFEVRE TECH is developing a groundbreaking robotic system. Our fully autonomous AMGEL device, powered by GPT4 technology, revolutionizes laboratory automation. It offers the capability to perform multiple different procedures with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our solution is set to transform the way Life-Science laboratories operate by providing a comprehensive and versatile automation solution.

With a potential market of 88,000 laboratories globally and a staggering $70 billion market size for laboratory automation, EFEVRE TECH is poised for significant growth. By offering the most advanced and fully autonomous AMGEL device in the market, we aim to capture a substantial share of this growing market.

The impact of EFEVRETECH's fully autonomous AMGEL device goes beyond mere automation. By eliminating human handling inconsistencies, we enhance the reliability and integrity of scientific research. Researchers can rely on our technology to generate accurate and reproducible results, leading to advancements in various fields of life sciences. Our solution saves time, reduces human-handling errors, and allows scientists to focus on critical analysis and innovation.

To accelerate our R&D efforts, conduct Proof of Concept (PoC) with leading research facilities, and successfully go-to-market, we are currently raising €2.5 million. This funding will support the completion of our fully autonomous device, enabling us to showcase its capabilities through PoC partnerships. Our strategic sales and marketing initiatives will aim to sell four machines in 2024 and rapidly scale up to 400 machines by 2027. These milestones will position us for an IPO by 2030, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability.

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Larnaca, Cyprus
Innovative, Autonomous, Revolutionary, Versatile
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