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EcoPetBox uses recycled materials to create products for the pet industry that would be plastic and chemical free and ultimately contribute to cleaner environment.
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EcoPetBox is an inspiring company who manufactures biodegradable pet products that are made from 100% recycled materials. The main products are biodegradable litter tray, food/drink bowl and biodegradable litter that have all been made using recycled 100% natural ingredients.
The company was founded in 2019 by Priit and Jorgen who after the product launch started to look for different distributors, mainly through special fairs and expeditions. Even though their idea of a biodegradable litter box that would replace the good old plastic tray was first laughed at, they stubbornly continued their journey and quickly rose to be the new cool product on the market. It was at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, in 2020 that EcoPetBox found its biggest distributor and now there is a steady flow of EcoPetBox products into the USA.
The most popular so far has been the biodegradable litter box which is made using a special pressing technique and for materials only water, cardboard and/or paper are used. Since EcoPetBox is made of 100% natural ingredients it is safer for the pet as well as the pet owner – there is no need to come into contact with urine and faeces as there is no need to wash the litter box. Washing the litter box (were it made of plastic) is in itself a pretty harmful project as the process includes wasting freshwater and contamination via the chemicals that can leak into the estuaries as the byproduct of the whole washing process.
Therefore, EcoPetBox products are not only good for the end user but for our precious ecosystems as well.
The company started seeking funding in May of 2021 via different platforms and pitching events. Pretty soon the company attracted a few different groups of investors who began lengthy conversation with the founders to establish a possible way for future collaboration. It took many months of hard work as the investors had a lot of questions and they also pushed the company to come up with attractive numbers and concrete plans that would be convincing enough for a wider group of investors. By February 2021 it was clear that the round would be closed soon, but the actual closing date was at the end of April 2021 due to negotiations that lasted longer than anticipated and due to new investors showing interest to join in.
EcoPetBox is now implementing all the plans and goals set out in the business proposal and is hoping to acquire even a bigger chunk of the massive pet market.

Based in:
Innovative, Sustainable, Nature-friendly, User-friendly.
Total Funding:
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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