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We are a new Eco-Friendly digital brand offering a lot of innovative solutions all aimed towards creating more respect for our planet by reducing waste, pollution and increasing energy efficiency. We have several ideas and campaigns planned which we will be launching periodically to interact with different markets and users all aimed at increasing efficiency while reducing the impact on our planet.
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All our members will be kept up to date with latest ideas and technologies they can use in their lives in an easy and affordable way. These simple changes will keep piling up driving a new trend with respect of our planet being on the top of everyone’s agenda. Besides all members will be rewarded with many loyalties for supporting and investing in Earth friendly products, services, ideas and solutions. All this will go hand in hand with our mission to raise awareness and bring all relative information to market in an easy, efficient, doable and rewarding all those who take this route in the process.
Our services to industry will be providing several powerful tools which will give a new edge to all registered merchants and businesses. Apart from our branding we offer Eco-grading, which is our quick and efficient way to help businesses establish a performance level relative to their carbon footprint. Along with this comes our free consultancy where we propose ideas that not only reduce the impact on the environment but also costs and time. We then offer our free online shop integrations as well as a dedicated newsfeed on the topic. Finally, we will power each merchant with a relative and direct digital marketing solution through a loyalty program. Being digital this will decrease carbon footprint and go directly to customer acquisition and retention which means all advertising costs will be relative to sale conversion. Apart from the benefit this will bring to all our member users, who will have an incentive to choose these Earth friendly products and services, we aim at creating more demands for such products through our efforts. This would immediately convert to a change and this will be part of our mission accomplished.
We are investing all our time and effort to drive this concept and reach out to all people out there to join our cause. No matter how small or big your influence we can help you make sound changes to reduce costs and gain more respect for our planet. Be part of the change, join us today for this fantastic journey!

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