Ecobubble promotes a new way to design and manage green areas (urban gardens, green roofs, agricultural land, etc.), so as to be able to optimize water management, reduce pollutants and improve the availability of good quality food in urban environments.

Ecobubble promotes a new way to design and manage green areas (urban gardens, green roofs, agricultural land, etc.), so as to be able to optimize water management, reduce pollutants and improve the availability of good quality food in urban environments.

The team conceived a market solution to integrate all its knowledge in a single product called GREEN-BLUE 1 (GB1). The product is a new kind of green-blue roof that is an architectural equipment aimed at having the most efficient environmental mitigation on the market. It is developed to improve the environmental, energy and water saving performances of new Smart-Green Buildings and to facilitate an environmentally sustainable conversion of buildings.
Our GB1, through the integration of different technologies, manages to synergistically exploit the advantages of green-roofs with those of blue-roofs (roofs with special water tanks). All together, the technologies used in GB1 converge in an integrated system called Ecomotica, introducing a new type of efficient garden automation for the mitigation of local pollutants and for monitoring the maintenance of green areas both in public/private gardens.

The Green-Blue 1 consists of a green roof, a lighting system, a water collection tank, a specific garden automation system, a virtual server that processes the system forecasts and a related data monitoring app.

GB1 is presented to customers with a complete UNI 11235-15 certification of its systems, their components and performance. The team also filed two patent applications to protect the project’s innovations.

The product can be schematized in three parts, GREEN, BLUE and SMART.

GREEN – Users are offered a scenographic, highly domotic green space aimed at making the plants’ natural ability to clean the air and soil more efficient (optimized phytoremediation). This allows green areas to implement a real plant filtration, where the polluting agents are split from the biological activities of the plants and incorporated into their biomass.

BLUE – Ecomotica also manages automatically the water flows of the structure by rationalizing the use of water resources in order to collect as much rainwater as possible (compatibly with the plant, structural and environmental constraints) but also to make it flow efficiently when large rains are forecasted. The water management methodology regulated by software modules executed on a cloud implementation device dynamically connect the aspects related to the collection and distribution of water with those related to the maintenance of the greenery of the structures above the water reserve in order to optimize the effectiveness of maintenance and water saving. The methodology used is designed to completely reuse every mm of rain that has fallen on GB1.

SMART – GB1 is based on IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud Controls technologies, where the hardware components of the system are equipped with wireless connection and are independent elements of a network, so as to create a real “Internet of things”.

The premise for our business purposes is to believe in the principles of equality and protection of others, offering a way of thinking and acting that manages to enhance diversity and cooperation. The team believes that precisely these principles are the sources to generate the precious insights and effective solutions required for the achievement of the ambitious and essential objectives of sustainable development.
The company is looking for foreign companies in charge of Green design, management and control of contaminants technologies and green-roof services/products interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance. The company can adapt the system to specific conditions upon request.

Advantages and Innovations
The design and the integrated garden automation system allows our solutions to have an efficient phytoremediation, a continuous targeted control on the monitored area (green, pollutants and water) and to support the decisional process thanks to a predictivity concept.

The results are an improvement in pollutants mitigation, water-saving, environmental monitoring and maintenance performances.

Stage of Development Design Available for demonstration – Ecomotica in prototyping phase
Comments Regarding Stage of Development
The green design is ready to be launched on the market, the integrated system is in TRL 7 stage.
IPR status: Secret Know-how
Profile Origin Private (in-house) research

Technology Keywords
Phytoremediation, Iot, Agriculture Technology, Machine Learning, Horticulture, Remote sensing technology

Market Keywords
Agriculture, Forestry, Urban Planning, Green Industry, Blue

Green, Blue, IoT, Smart City, Phytoremediation
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