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EasySize is a data-driven technology defining clothes sizes and decreasing returns at online-shops. We help online-shops to save money and offer their clients a new shopping experience.
EasySize can be integrated to an online-shop in less than an hour using our API literally by “copy-pasting” a snippet of code and apps for popular platforms (Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop). Our technology analyses a given customers order records and defines a desired brand’s size in less than a second.
For a new online-shop customer, the only thing we ask is to add any known brand size. And for a returning online-shop customer, EasySize can define the size by analysing previous order records and show it on every open page – so the customer shouldn’t do anything at all.
EasySize can decrease returns by 35-40% and save up to 5-7% of revenue to online-shops.


EasySize is built on a technology analysing online-shops orders records. It means that the size is calculated not based on what clients think they look like or prefer to think they look like, but on a hard data – what they actually buy, return and do not return.
The core algorithm uses various factors from manufacturing country to clothes cut and fabric in order to define the correct size. Using a machine learning it can dynamically in real time update results and becomes smarter every time an order is made on an online-shop.
During tests with real online-shops in Europe EasySize predicted the correct size which customers did not return in 79,45% of all cases.
Our API allows integrate EasySize in less than an hour and doesn’t require any specific information or actions from an online-shop.
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eCommerce, Online Shopping, Data Analytics
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