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A managed online platform with self-service options for document processing. We extend your capabilities to process large numbers of similar documents (for instance, an incoming stream of RFP's) into digitally processable information, as well as generating documents based on templates you can build yourself.
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With documenttool.online you and your employees or colleagues can easily mange large numbers of documents. Our platform makes it easy to process documents from many sources (for instance, different customers that each have their own formats for quotation requests).
This saves you a lot of time, while your customers are not required to change anything at all. A similar benefit exists when you send responses to your customers and they require a specific formatting.

We work on a pay-per-use base calculated by the number of documents that you generate or process. Professional support is available 24/7, so you can always fall back on our knowledge.

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documentanalysis, documentgeneration, documentprocessing, ocr
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