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Business Description
The idea behind ​​this portal was obtained from years of work experience of its founder in Italian hospital emergency rooms, wards, and clinics. Years spent experiencing and seeing the ever-increasing dissatisfaction and unhappiness of patients and that of his colleagues and professionals working in the field.
The increasing of fees for medical visits, longer waiting lines and the lack of doctors have led to a serious drop in the quality of our national health care system. Often forcing the upper middle class to seek alternative methods of healthcare, which are currently poorly distributed in regional areas, with high prices and imprecise accessibility to offered services, often incorrect and ineffective.
The business potential is incredibly profitable.

That is why Docspecial was created, the first free portal for medical assistance, specialist doctors and health professions.
Long Business Description

The portal aims to create a highly specialized on-demand healthcare service, 7 days a week - 24 hours a day, at first aid stations, private clinics, medical offices, professional, specialist or home offices. Docspecial functions like a large private virtual clinic. Managing, coordinating and mediating professional/facility services to patients.

The service proposal
By simply registering on the site and with 3 quick clicks, the healthcare user/patient can choose the most appropriate professional, the most suitable and/or nearby facility, the most appropriate medical exams or a home visit. All this through a very advanced and simplified search interface, which is based either on a simple search by professional name and surname, geographical area (town or city), specialization or area of expertise either by symptom or manifested illness.
We have also developed an innovative graphic research system, where potential patients will have a simple and stylized graphical representation of the human body in which they can directly interact by clicking the areas of pain, discomfort or corresponding to their ailment in an intuitive way and quickly finding a professional that is more suitable.

When a doctor or healthcare professional registers, he/she will have a personal area available. The personal page will display the general information, curriculum vitae, professional experiences, profile photo and additional images of their facility or clinic.
An agenda that is perfectly integrated with the portal and the search system for a professional. In this electronic section, you can enter your availability to perform visits and services that can be booked directly through our site without limits of schedules and days. Based on the availability inserted, the professional can be visited or not by the potential patient at the time of the research (example: if the doctor or facility inserts their availability from Monday to Friday from 09 to 19, they will be visible and geo-localized by all users/patients on the days and in the time slots inserted). The doctor can then decide whether to perform a house visit or a visit to his office, clinic or hospital.

This function allows almost total flexibility of space and time. The agenda can be synchronized with other professional agendas, and based on the functionality of Google calendar, it will be automatically synchronized with all mobile devices used by the operator.

An essential and absolutely innovative aspect is the creation of the personal e-commerce of the doctor. Thanks to this function it will be possible to insert, in addition to the visit or basic service, offers, special and extra services (infiltration, stress ECG, diagnostic imaging, etc.) selectable and purchased directly at the time of booking. In the future, this function will allow clinics, outpatient clinics, associated offices, and private hospitals to manage visits and services of any kind in total simplicity and with considerable savings in time and personnel. In the future, the operator will be able to manage the medical records of visited patients2.

2For privacy issues and related costs, this feature will not be available at the time of its launch.

The selected company structure



VAT number: 01488190529 – Type of business 631200 portal and web services

Domicile for taxation: Via VIII Marzo n. 44 CAP 53035 Monteriggioni (SI) Italy

Company registered with the Siena/Arezzo Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Gary Gambassi

Born at Siena on 10.02.1984 C.F. GMBGRY84B10I726C

Profession: orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist
The subscribed and paid share capital is €10,000.00

The reference scenario

The reference framework

The demographic changes of the Italian population, the increase in longevity, the technological evolution and new pharmaceuticals have all placed the sustainability of Italy’s National Health System at risk not only from the point of view of financial sustainability but also with respect to maintaining an adequate capacity of healthcare welfare3. Furthermore, the increasing chronicity of illnesses and the increase in the rate of dependency require for the identification of organizational and service models to effectively answer to “new” systems of healthcare.

The National Health System of Italy is demonstrating its inability to support these challenges.

As a result, the resorting to the use of private healthcare continues to grow, consolidating each year mainly through the failure to absorb the “new needs” of healthcare for citizens.

In 2018, RBM and Censis estimated that total private healthcare costs (for around 150 million healthcare services performed outside the National Health Service) were € 39.7 billion 4.

This total is constantly expanding (+ 9.6% between 2013 and 2017) and concerns over 44.1 million people (more than 2 out of 3), with an average disbursement of 655 euros per citizen.

3 Extract from the VIII Report RBM - Censis on Public, Private and Intermediary Healthcare.
4 Based on the latest ISTAT data for 2017, the Private Healthcare Spending amounted to €37.3 billion.

The need

A phenomenon of such dimensions, such as that of the outburst of private healthcare services, generates important opportunities for those who have chosen to operate in simplifying the crossing between supply and demand of private healthcare.

Apart from the few competitors referred to in the next paragraph, the current scenario is characterized by extreme fragmentation and asymmetry of information between the side of supply and the side of demand.

This involves:

• for doctors, great difficulty in intercepting the demand for services they may provide, given the substantially handcrafted model of the management of bookings. This is particularly true for operators that are not yet established;

• for patients, difficulty in obtaining information and, above all, their qualifications in choosing a professional to place trust in and the timetable for contacting doctors and booking appointments.

The competitors



• name and reputation have to still be created.

• Patient contact system that easily circumvents for subsequent visits, especially in the initial phase.

• We anticipate difficulties in the initial phase in the management and collection of payments by doctors. In fact, the collection system expects monthly invoices to be sent to doctors for services carried out in the previous month.


• No monthly fee and free if unused. Therefore, it is convenient for low volumes. The objective is to generate high traffic of visits and volume of registered members.

• Flexibility of the platform. The platform was conceived not only for individual professionals but also for more complex and organized structures thanks to a complete personalization of the profile, rate tables, and services.

• Innovative graphic research system through a representation of the human body where patients can select the most suitable professional for their problem/pathology in just a few clicks.

• System of comments, feedback, and trustworthy user rankings. Unlike competitors, the rankings will not be carried out on the basis of the amount paid but on the criteria of mere reputation and feedback from patients, therefore, creating an objective and reliable point of reference over time.


The website of Polish owner of the docplanner brand, an Italian re-adaptation of a model that is operating in Poland with many investments backing it up (active in Italy for about 2 years now).

They offer an annual subscription service (obligation to pay for 12 continuous months - automatic renewal for the following year, cancellation to be communicated 3 months before the automatic renewal). Payment is carried by monthly installments.

Average annual subscription fee: 98 euros/month + VAT - or 1176 euros per year + VAT (total: 1434.72 euros per year)

The annual subscription includes, in addition to the service of visibility and booking visits on the site, the creation of an individual web page area for doctors (with domain namesurname.it), the possibility of answering patient questions on the personal page, assistance in creating a profile, and reviews from patients.

B2b marketing strategy: a doctor is contacted by a “broker” who will not give previews by telephone on the type of service, but will book an appointment in person with the doctor illustrating the services offered with the relative price. If the doctor makes a decision, the broker will offer a discount on the proposed amount, which is valid for that day only.

• Strengths: they are the most widespread in the area, have obtained more investments, the highest number of participating doctors, well indexed on Google.

• Weaknesses: expensive and binding subscription, they do not have the “human body” to aid the patient in the choosing of a specialist, little publicity for the patient (they are still very focused on the B2B aspect).


Web site owned by Consulcesi, a legal medical assistance site spread throughout the United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Italy, and Albania.

Possibility of registration by a single doctor or private clinic. They offer all types of profiles: app dottori.it that can be downloaded on a smartphone and/or tablet for booking a visit for patients + agenda app for doctors.

They offer an annual subscription service per doctor (obligation to pay 12 continuous months - without automatic renewal for the following year) with 2 subscription profiles, respectively excellence and excellenceplus. The possibility of one lump sum payment or monthly installments.

Medical profile Excellence: €399 yearly + VAT (tot: €486.78 per year, or 40.56 euros per month). This profile offers, in addition to the basic services listed above, searchability within the site for a maximum of 30 services and a maximum of 50 illnesses treated + a
hyper-specialization. Maximum distance criterion of 100 km.

Medical profile Excellenceplus: €699 annual + VAT (tot: €852.78 per year, or € 71.06 euros per month). This profile guarantees, in addition to the basic services listed above, a ranking at the top of the list, unlimited research for services, pathologies, and territorial extension, as well as the possibility to insert 3 hyperspecializations, links to personal website (created personally and not from the portal).

B2B marketing strategy: contact a doctor by phone and explain the types of contract, offering discounts if the decision is made within a few days.

• Strengths: better ranking on Google (searching “online doctors”), probable pharmaceutical sponsorships, more widespread B2C advertising (advertising on national television networks)

• Weaknesses: they do not have a large number of doctors registered, they are weaker in the B2B phase compared to miodottore.it because they do not carry out a comprehensive recruitment campaign, they do not have the “human body” to aid the patient in choosing a specialist, difficulty for doctors to register at the site (there is no direct method but one must enter an email address in order to be contacted later on).


• Strengths: Allows direct online booking, medium/low distribution on the territory and per number of participating specialists,

• Weaknesses: Unfavorable ranking on Google and in marketing for both B2B and B2C, they do not have the “human body” to aid the patient in the choosing of a specialist, difficulty for doctors to register at the site (there is no direct method but one must enter an email address in order to be contacted later on), medium/low distribution on the territory and per number of participating specialists.


A Made in Italy website (Parma) that does NOT place emphasis on specialists but rather on outpatient clinics and private centers. It is NOT possible to register as an individual specialist but rather they consist of agreements with private centers, where it is possible to book desired services directly online. For this reason, it does not represent a direct competitor because it has a different purpose (it does not aim at improving the activity of a specialist and/or house visits).


A website that is aimed solely at booking house visits. It is mainly directed at general practitioners or pediatricians. It does NOT offer the possibility to book specialist visits, it does NOT offer the possibility to book outpatient visits, it does NOT offer the possibility of high personalization by a doctor of your profile.
Moreover, it has low distribution both in the territory as well as for the number of registered doctors.
For these reasons, it does not represent a true competitor of our website, which is positioned in a wider and more flexible market.


Website sponsored by Sanofi, integrated with pharmacies, offers visibility to the specialist but does not allow direct booking of visits (however, it will allow you to view the name, phone number and address of a clinic).

This feature is supported by dottori.it: for this reason, it is within the objective of dottori.it as a competitor.

The marketing strategy

The business model

The revenue model

We will earn 5% on every visit that is actually carried out through our portal. We expect 4 price ranges5 where professionals can position themselves on the basis of their professional experience and reputation.

- Range 1

40 Euro - Physiotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, and other healthcare professions. The price refers to a service or hourly rate. The service can be performed via a house visit or at a clinic or affiliated doctor’s office.

5 *The price is purely suggested and based on the average of national tariffs.
Please note that there are currently no tariffs imposed, official and unified for any professional category.

- Range 2

40-50 Euro - Non specialist doctors, general practitioners.
The price refers to a single carried out service. The service can be performed via a house visit or at a clinic or affiliated doctor’s office.

- Range 3

80-100 Euro - Medical specialists but with less than 10 years of experience. The rate is to be considered a service that can be performed via a house visit or at a facility chosen by the doctor.
The rate is to be considered a single carried out service. It does not include treatments that make use of diagnostic instruments and equipment, and consumables.

- Range 4

Over 100 Euros - Medical specialists, university professors, directors of simple or complex structures.
The rate is to be considered a service that can be performed via a house visit or at a facility chosen by the doctor. It does not include treatments that make use of diagnostic instruments and equipment, and consumables.

We are able to maintain this convenient marketing strategy thanks to the work of pharmaceutical representatives, thanks to which we will develop a sales network and B2B marketing.

This strategy, exclusively adopted by us, will allow us to take advantage of already trained, efficient personnel and with unique medical know-how.

We will avail ourselves of potential sponsorships coming mainly from the pharmaceutical insurance sectors.

Following the numerous ministerial laws that regulate and prevent the prescription of
certain classes of pharmaceuticals, imposing the prescription of generic drugs, has pushed various companies to a strong inhibition and limitation in the sponsorship of their products.

In the next few years, we will be a safe resource for insurance companies, for companies will be able to purchase healthcare assistance packages through our platform, offering a constant and widespread assistance service, lowering costs of healthcare agreements with clinics and medical offices bound by large operating costs and limited in certain geographical areas and by certain time tables.

The operational plan

Business plan

The pilot project involves the metropolitan area of Florence and Bologna, counting on a potential pool of about 1.5 million users between the ages of 3 and 100.

The potential doctors, outpatient clinics, general clinics, partners and offices present in the above-mentioned areas are about 7,000 units.

For an ideal information campaign and recruiting of the latter we can count on, as previously mentioned, the availability of pharmaceutical representatives already present in the territory, on promotions at conventions and industry fairs, on the activity in social networks through educational, informational, editorial material and interactive video that we will produce daily for doctors and patients. We are counting on reaching 50% of the 7000 units in the first 4 months of work.

At the same time, we will continue to develop the patient interface as well as improve the interface for doctors. We expect the medical-patient operation to be complete starting in April 2019.

On the basis of the hypothesized data, it can be established that:

One specialist doctor purchases a supply of about 3,000 users and performs an average of 15-20 visits a day for about 5 days a week.

Let us suppose that in the initial phase two visits a day can be performed thanks to our portal, we earn:

2 x 90 = 180 x 5 = 900 euros profit in favor of docspecial.it, which is 45 euros per week, 6.42 euros per doctor per day.

This calculation can also be applied to a non-specialist doctor.

This figure, given the impossibility of its use in public hospitals for legal reasons and given the shortage of offers addressed to this figure, can result in being much more flexible to carry out their work during night time slots and weekends, and still offer a wide range category of services such as writing prescriptions and medical documents, simple treatments, consultations and prescriptions of examinations.

We assume there will be 4-5 visits a night on weekdays through our site and about 10 visits a day on weekends and holidays.

Physiotherapists, nurses, and professionals can treat and assist from 5 (if at home) to 8 patients a day usually from Monday to Saturday.

Starting in 2020, when the two pilot provinces (Florence and Bologna) are fully operational, Docspecial operations will also be extended to Milan, Turin and subsequently in the Veneto region.

On the basis of the following plan, the following sales trend is expected (number of transactions brokered by Docspecial).

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