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DOCIDENT is an online digital notary service allowing to create and manage blockchain-secured certificates for any digital object. This guarantees integrity, existence and ownership. Certificates can be shared and verified by anybody for free and forever.
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DOCIDENT is an online certification and verification service. By making all types of documents digitally verifiable, we enable easy sharing of copies and prevent fraud.
With DOCIDENT any digital file can be secured against fraud and manipulation, this protects your business.
DOCIDENT add’s value to any of your documents and protects your: legal documents, employment contracts, training certificates, insurance contracts and many more….
We generate a unique hash of your document´s content and your identity and store them securely in the blockchain. A QR-Code can be added to all documents for additional protection.
After certification, copies of your documents can be shared easily and securely.
And all recipients can validate the authenticity of the content with just a few clicks.
Our Service is available on all plattforms: Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop.

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digital notary, notary service
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