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Discobo is a Q&A platform to crowdsource the best products for daily problems. Simply ask the community or search for relevant questions.

Imagine that you are in a foreign country. You don't speak the language and you have no idea how to get around. Naturally, you think it'd be best to get a translator app on your iPhone to help you communicate. How do you go about searching for the best one?

Intuitively, you Google it. Several promising results show up. Which ones should you check out? You end up reading through several websites, paragraphs of text and you test out a couple top rated apps. All in all, you find exactly what you wanted but at a cost of time and effort.

Discobo is the solution. Imagine if you knew about Discobo. You would simply search for someone who was in the same situation. "What is the best translation apps for iPhone". Question spotted. You check out solutions. Top rated one is iTranslate. You install it, works pretty well and you're good to go. All in all, it took 5 minutes and you spent the time saved exploring unknown lands.

Discobo more than a Q&A. It's a database of human experiences and we use this to help you find solutions quickly.
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