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Business Description
God is a Cube presents itself as a programming puzzle game, using programming notions to solve puzzles.
This software is one of the most advanced gamification solutions in the world, using the best teaching methods to transfer and evaluate skills.
Long Business Description

Prices and festival representation :

Finalist international contest LUDICIOUS 2017
Centre Pompidou (2017)
Cité des Sciences Paris (2017-2018)
Exposed at “Maker l’Art de faire” 2017 with UNESCO
Used by Epitech Lyon to detect talents
“42” school (2017)
Unofficial selection at IndieCade Europe 2016
Selected at Japan Expo 2017
Selected at Gaming Winterfest 2017
Selected at Evry Games City 2017
Selected at Indie Games District 2017 & 2018
Selected at Festival International des Jeux de Cannes 2017
Selected at Geek and Game Festival 2017
Selected at GG Fest 2018
Selected at Pop Culture Days 2018
Selected at Geek’s Live 2018
Game Camp festival 2017
Indie Garden festival 2018
Isefac Bachelor school (2018)
Supinfogame school (2016)
Apérobot #64 meetup (2017)
Indie Game Dev Paris meetup (2018)
Albert Camus library (2016)

About the game :

-100 levels with open-ended solutions
-10 chapters with their own difficulty curve (at any time, users can start another chapter and discover something new)
-secret solutions for every level and a whole secret campaign
-20 creative mini cutscenes and several big cutscenes to show the story
-a complete level editor, with image cards to share levels

About the development :

-more than 6 years of development
-made on Unity 3D
-available on Windows, Linux and Mac, and can be exported on Web (with no installation for the user), smartphone and video game consoles
-99% made in C#, with no external dependencies (no dll) to easier all exports towards other platforms

Sales :

-base price: $15 for the main game, with an additional $10 to access advanced features
-669 sales at a $15.80 average
-$10,512 turnover
- including 186 sales of the advanced features (28% of users spent 1.66x more money on the game than the base price)
-5,219 wishlist (people subscribed to buy the game at the final release)
-26% of sales in the US and 23 % in France

Users Stats :

-3,628 different users detected
-1,818 profiles created
-67,783 levels completed
-4,835 different solutions found for the 100 levels by the users

Steam Store Stats :

-4,6 million impressions on the Steam store
-1.92% click-thru rate
-89,336 visits on the store page

Based in
programming puzzle, puzzles, software
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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