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DIGURA is here to help tenants, who have a conflict with their landlord. They are 100% digital and have developed a software that can evaluate the tenant’s case based on 7-11 simple questions. The case is then compared to over 4500 previous verdicts, and if the case has potential, DIGURA’s competent advisors will begin the processing of the case, initiate a dialogue with the landlord and take the case to the rent control board if necessary. Their concept is no cure no pay, as they want it to be risk free for tenants to get help, however, their win-rate is 98%.

DIGURA’s digital mindset makes them stand out in the legal industry. They have made it convenient for tenants, and tenants no longer have to deal with expensive contingents and lawyer bills to get help. Now, tenants can get help with their rental problems from the comfort of their own living room. They have direct access to their advisor, and DIGURA has eliminated the long and tedious response times. Furthermore, their software can evaluate if tenants’ rent is fair or too expensive. In the case of it being too expensive they also help tenants get compensation.
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landlord, tenants, software
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