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Digmak is a one stop shop for all things related to taxes in the gig-economy. Our all in one platform offers basic tools, increased access to cross-border tax information and a wide network of international tax experts, the new generation of professionals. Digmak is a platform where users can find & book international tax experts. The database of tax regulations & typical cases helps simulate answers, saving time & money for users. Our platform does not provide consulting services but rather a database of international tax firms and smart matchmaking for freelancers, digital nomads, expats and MSMEs. Digmak envisions bringing mobility in tax consulting and digitalizing the traditional taxation process.
Long Business Description

Digmak caters to the new generation of professionals who travel more, are expats, freelancers & digital nomads. It is becoming the norm & with the pandemic, an accelerated trend. Most of big companies have recently jumped on the bandwagon of “Work from Anywhere”.

The lifestyle is attractive but living & moving to different countries creates huge tax hassles. Furthermore, obtaining access to tax regulations in english, inter-governmental policies & tax experts with international expertise is a rising problem. Relying on traditional methods such as expensive accounting firms & law firms with little international experience is no longer a viable option. Local experts do not like to cater to this international community, who requires more attention & support.

Hence, we conducted surveys, collected feedback from the nomad community & case scenarios from experts to understand the extent of the problem. We even handled various international client requests ourselves.

To solve this problem better, Digmak is rolling out our platform, to connect nomads & experts, in September. The project lays the basic foundation of mobility in tax consulting much like the stripped down, platform version of KRY. The platform answers the need for a global directory of international tax experts available remotely & the future demand for a smarter solution to save time.

Our partnerships with 13 tax consulting firms serving 14 popular nomad destination countries in Europe gives us a huge boost. Lack of nomad solutions in the post pandemic era creates a golden opportunity for us. With few competitors focusing on this target audience, we are early to market with many eager to partner with us.
With a validated MVP and product market fit launching, we’ll start collecting data & search patterns that will enable our smart platform & later our app, making tax consulting more mobile & flexible.

Digmak will soon operate on a hybrid model of pay as you go & SaaS. Bringing the ease of KRY to tax consulting will be a game-changer due to its simplicity & global demand.

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Between €1-€100K
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