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Diametric Software Ltd is an independent software company formed in Jan 2018. Our mission is to provide the next generation of safety management tools. The Diametric Safety Case Manager brings your safety case and hazard log into a single model. Customisable reports provide consistent, up to date information tailored to the needs of your stakeholders.
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Traditional safety assurance is based around a mixture of spreadsheets, documents and diagrams. This duplicates information, leading higher costs and errors in deliverables.

The DSM integrates all this information into a safety model with every fact and relationship stored exactly once. Diagrams, tables and reports are just different views on this underlying model, so they are guaranteed to remain consistent. If the severity of a hazard is revised or evidence is challenged then you can update the model and trace the impact quickly and accurately.

The DSM uses the industry-standard Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) for safety arguments. You can import tables of evidence items from your document database via Excel and then link them to your argument. Presenting your safety argument has never been easier.

Would you like a list of overdue evidence items? How about the arguments and evidence associated with each control on a particular hazard? When a stakeholder has a question you need to answer it quickly and accurately.

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