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Business Description
Deepsafety makes Autonomous Driving real safe!

We are licencing our product lines BetterAI™ and BetterDatasets™ to Automotive customers.
Our product BetterAI™ is the only certifiable Perception system that enables true Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS). Our BetterDatasets™ capture edge cases in high quality which allows customers to improve the perception AI.

We address the safety problem from a different perspective and developed a technology which detects all the unknowns which the AI encounters. Therefore, our technology solves the problem that AI-based systems need to adapt to a changing environment continuously over the entire lifecycle of an Autonomous Driving System, opening an opportunity for end-user subscription models. Our technology is an enabler for Autonomous Driving Systems which could not be developed without AI but for which today’s AI is not safe enough.
Long Business Description

Safety is the key in order to bring real autonomous vehicles on the street.
We are licencing our patented product lines BetterAI™ and BetterDatasets™ to Automotive customers.

BetterAI™ is the only certifiable perception system amongst its competition. Thus it can safely predict what and where an object is on a street, which is the most important requirement for any autonomous driving system. BetterAI™ is superior to any state of the art perception system, by means of safety certification.
Our patented technology enables BetterAI™ to make decisions based on a certifiable uncertainty detection. We have a safety case for BetterAI™ for ISO 26262. Our technology today runs with 30 frames per Second, allowing up to a 100 meter front view in urban traffic. It runs on very limited platforms, like an IPhone.

Another basic set of features that we are currently developing is that BetterAI™ will soon be able to safely predict what others on the street do and how a situation will develop. E.g. A bicyclist signalling a turn, or a delivery truck that is blocking a lane for the following cars.

Another feature will allow the BetterAI™ to propose similar classes or actions if there is a very high uncertainty in the decision or classiification. E.g. If we see a Richshaw, or AI will propose that the object is something like a bicycle.

Our BetterAI™ enables your self-driving car to always choose the safest action. It is a certifiable and safe prediction system. Together with out BetterDatasets™ we revolutionize the functional safety within Autonomous Driving Systems.

Based in
AI, Deep Learning, Automotive, Safety, Autonmous Driving
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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