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Dayrize offers a new approach to sustainable shopping online, making it easy and enjoyable to buy goods that do good. Everyone can make a little bit of difference with every purchase – and that all adds up to a huge change for the better.

The technology is complex and ground-breaking, but the output is simple: a single, meaningful figure we call The Dayrize Score. Every product gets its own unique score, which means for the first time ever we can all accurately compare the impact of products.
Long Business Description

Problem identification: Shopping for sustainable products is a time-consuming and confusing experience for consumers. The market is currently in a status quo where there is very little transparency about the actual impact of the products being sold on the market. This status quo stems from the state-of-the-art system for assessing the environmental impact of products, which is time-consuming, expensive and inaccurate due to a lack of available data.

The solution to the problem: Dayrize.com will bring the fragmented market of sustainable products into one platform and act as a trusted source for consumers to compare the sustainability performance of individual products. In order to realize this ambition, a proprietary A.I. powered vetting tool, called Lucy, will assess the sustainability impact of a broad range of consumer products (from food to household electronics) in a rapid, robust, and automated way. The assessment will be summarized in a Dayrize Score, which will be standardized for all products, making it easy to really compare the sustainability of products across ranges and categories on the e-commerce platform.

Product in focus: Lucy is the core differentiating feature of the Dayrize.com e-commerce marketplace and the focus of this project. The main challenge is to develop a multi-faceted tool with several interoperable components that are able to perform scientifically sound life-cycle analysis within a short period of time and a high accuracy. The technical success relies on a combination of innovative approaches in both environmental impact methodologies as well as software development and Artificial Intelligence.

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circular economy, sustainable, e-commerce, AI
Total Funding
Between €2.5 million-5 million

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