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Business Description
Dahna become the first mobile phone application created with medical expertise that assesses cardiovascular and metabolic risk, contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular and associated diseases (CVD) by generating and procuring personalized healthy eating plans. A form of engagement and participation that improves cardiovascular health and associated diseases and creates social bonds. Facilitates the exchange of information and direct interactions between users of the application and Dahna partners (medical centers and retailers on a global scale).
Through the Dahna gamifications the application will quantify in the profile of each user the risk of reduced CVD, the time and money saved by using the application. This currency will be converted into digital, exchange coupons, and the user will be able to obtain from Dahna partners, discounts on medical consultations, medical abominations and preferential prices for healthy foods from retailers in the Dahna network.
Dahna is a way to participate in active / living / healthy trade; a sustainable mission of healthy living that will generate a continuous flow of dividends, it is a peer to peer business solution that stimulates the human connection.
The Dahna distributed digital platform will place people in a more sustainable and prosperous economic landscape.

Long Business Description

DAHNA app – the first application for the heart diet
DAHNA app is a mobile application, personalized and fully integrated in the Diet-Environment-Health triangle. DAHNA acts like a personal assistant who challenges you to reinvent your relationship with your diet in order to stay healthy and fit, gain time for shopping and cooking and stop throwing away food or ingredients. It also offers a functionality through which you set goals to change your weight so that it becomes very easy to lose weight – the recommended menus take this objective into account when being provided.
For the user, DAHNA meets the essential characteristics of an ideal application for the rapid adoption of a healthy eating behaviour:
1. *All tools in one place* from the moment you choose what to eat until you have the food on your plate
2. Designed in compliance with the recommendations of cardiology experts and prestigious international societies (European Society of Cardiology, European Association of Preventive Cardiology, American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association)
3. Customized for every user, as it is based on the personal cardiometabolic profile – after creating the account, the user fills in personal data and the metabolic profile is created automatically
4. Offers cardiovascular prevention and protection by automatically assigning personalized menus created based on the user's cardiovascular and metabolic profile (acum 300 recipes / 300 daily menus already included in the application, to be further increased automatizare meniuri si retete prin algoritmi propria patentati )
5. Provides a virtual hologram culinary expert that will teach and assist you to quickly and easily prepare your daily menus (sa adaugam componenta cu realitatea augmentata este un features important)
6. Saves to the maximum the time dedicated to the entire eating process from the choice of menus to the preparation method (the necessary time does not exceed 5 minutes)
7. Automatic configuration of the list of ingredients, the shopping list and the quantities needed to make the menus
8. Sends notifications with the menu of the day, a menu that contains / the complete recipes and the necessary essential nutrients
9. Reduces over consumption and wasted food; offers access to better and healthier foods for everyone, with a smaller footprint
10. Stimulates consumer awareness for healthy diet – DAHNA app also keeps users up to date with the latest research and recommendations from cardiologists and nutritionists through the notifications sent in the application
11. Merges Health and Wellness Programs Online with shopping, keep customers and retailers engaged with a culture of healthy eating
12. Changes the way people shop, simplifies the experience for clients and retailers

Based in
healthy, heart diet, lifestyle, medical expertise
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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