creVent1 LTD (Proxylay Invention)

creVent1 LTD (Proxylay Invention)
Business Name:
creVent1 LTD (Proxylay Invention)
Business Description:
Proxylay is the 1st & only US and Lebanese patented invention that allows casino players to play from home, for real money, on real (physical) tables, using real playing chips & cards that can be touched & felt by hand, without the need for dealers or game operators
Proxylay, the 1st embodiment of IoT in the casino gaming industry. Self-operating casino tables (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker…) are given to players for free (based on Wager Conditions), for a monthly rent, or for a fee and players can play on these tables remotely from home.
Long Business Description:

Proxylay Problem solving:

Our multiplayer tables bring the casino atmosphere to the players’ own homes. Proxylay solves many problems including:
Casino players miss the touch and feel of cards and casino chips when playing online, and senses are not fully utilized
Digital gaming is winning market share over physical gaming, but online casinos are struggling to keep their players on their platform (No loyalty to 1 casino)
Psychological Barriers to go to physical casinos have increased, especially after COVID19 outbreak
Some players might feel social/crowd stress when playing inside casinos
Players lose control inside casinos and visit nearby pawn shops when they are still under the effect.


Proxylay is the only global service provider of the invention:
“The global gambling market size is expected to grow from $287.43 billion in 2021 to $458.93 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 59.7%”
– Market size is expected to reach 700+ Billion US$ in 2028
– More than half of the world allow casino gambling and number of online and offline players is expected to be 1+ billion player (Source 1).
– Nearly more than 45% of the players play table games (Source 2)
– Players who play on table games for more than 1000 US$ per month estimated at 25% (Source 3)
– 1 Billion * 45% * 25% = 112.5 Million Players.
– Proxylay market share of 0.5% = 1+ billion$ market per year.

Proxylay technologies:

FIVE different state-of-the-art technologies for chip identification for multiplayer/multibetting Roulette and Laysix ( some technologies use wireless connections, others use wired connections. Additionally, 1 state of the art invented technology for stimulation of playing Cards that allow players to peak at and reveal cards opening in another country at their own homes.
Load Cells (weight sensors/Digital Scales)
Electromagnetic/Current Sensors
Light color sensors (with lasers or LED)
Ultrasonic sensors
Photoelectric/small cams Sensors
AMOLED Foldable screens that simulate Playing Cards

Prototype and MVP:

2 MVPs (minimum viable products) and 1 complete prototype have been produced.
MVPs are for 1 number (for showcasing) and for a full table (For the video of the 1 number MVP, please click on this link:
The chip identification system used comprises of digital scales which is 1 of 5 technologies for chip identification but the lowest in cost.
All production processes have been established including parts supply and assembly
Video of the full MVPs in action can be viewed by clicking on these 2 links and

Business Models:

Selling tables directly to players
Selling tables to online and offline casinos to offer Proxylay tables for their VIP players.
Leasing tables to online and offline casinos on monthly basis for a fee, or for free on commission basis (a minimum monthly wager target should be met)
Starting an online casino (white label license) and selling tables to members for a discount, or leasing for a fee or for free (with minimum monthly wager)
Leasing for a fee or for free require a deposit that would be refunded to players when they return the tables

Strengths ans testimonials:

Testimonials from prominent members in the casino industry have been given & 2 of them are part of Proxylay founders’ team.
We have many customers that showed interest in Proxylay (especially Casino Du Liban employees and other online) and we have 2 casino game development companies eager to partner with us to provide Proxylay for their partners.
Social media accounts are gaining many followers and getting likes by the hour and feedback has been magnificent, but editors of famous magazines block casino related articles even if new inventions.
US patent num: 11183008
Lebanese Patent num: 11973

Milestone and Future

Development of Roulette Prototype & setting up a company: Mar 2022 Done
Setting up Production Facility Jul 2022
Go to Market with Roulette Sep 2022
Developing other Table Games and production Plans Jan 2023
Go-To-Market with Full Product Lines May 2023
Go-To-Market in UK, then Europe, then the whole world

Proxylay Profits:

Proxylay will generate a minimum of 57 million dollars in net profits in 5 years (worst case and base case) and for the best case scenario, profits can reach 300 Million dollars, especially with improvement of technology and the inclusion of hologram, meta and mixed reality (or VR, or AR) with our products

Our team is the best anyone can have, casino experts, high level Electronic engineer (PHD student), MBA graduate from University of Leicester UK…

Based in:
Self-operating, Remote, Casino, Tables
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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