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Imagine a Lego like system, where you can build any structure, wall or furniture, inside or outside, with no tools, no screws, no glue – that’s CORKBRICK!

It’s a solution soon available in the market that empowers creative minds that cannot face DIY solutions. It goes beyond the DIY market to reach all those with a passion and enthusiasm to create unique and innovative solutions in their home and office.
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A real-size modular system – inspired by Lego, invented for life. CORKBRICK reinvents the way we deal with nature and the space we live in. It is a natural solution that can be used again and again while providing us with benefits from nature such as better indoor climate and sound isolation.

CORKBRICK is about versatility, flexibility and comfort. It allows you to explore the possibilities of configurations towards a practical use that can easily be transformed into another. The seven ‘brocks’ mount and dismount using simply your bare hands. No tools, no screws, no glues. The material itself, cork, offers great levels of comfort in means of temperature, acoustics and environment, as it brings nature inside walls.

In minutes you can build a wall, a bookcase or a bed… your imagination is the only limit!

For the first time in history an object can have multiple personalities. There is no comparable solution on the market. All with your bare hands, with very light components, it can be handled by any person from 8 to 88 years old!…

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DYI Solutions, Construction Tech, Innovation Solutions
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